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Closed, but add if you think it will help :)

Good morning, I am very nervous and have never written anything on here, so I thought I would try here first, please, be brutally honest, I REALLY want your opinions.

This was the first night in weeks that Carolyn had been able to get some sleep. Her insomnia normally kept her up until 2-3am, but not tonight, finally she had dozed off. She didn’t even notice her husband Mike crawling into bed, nor the fact he was snoring like a bear, but she did notice the loud crash outside of her window. “Get up Mike!” she pleaded, as she shook him violently “Get up! I heard a noise”. Lethargically, Mike slowly rotated and crawled out of bed; “It was probably just the cat getting into the trash can again,” he said as he looked out of the first floor window towards the trashcans. “I don’t care, check it out” she yelled! Carolyn didn’t want to take any chances; she insisted he go out and investigate. Mike put on his robe and slippers, and left the room. She could hear him rummaging through the utility drawer in the kitchen searching for the flashlight and then finally opening the backdoor.
Immediately she had the urge to go to the restroom. She crawled out of bed, and walked straight ahead into the adjoining bathroom. After a few moments she heard Mike come back in, and get back into bed. When she finished, she crept out of the bathroom into the pitch-dark room, shutting the door behind her. “Was it the cat?” she asked. Mike just groaned affirmatively. Falling back into bed she rolled away from him and snuggled back in the covers. He rolled over and put his arm around her. A minute or two later she was almost back asleep when something bright hit her eyes. Opening them, she saw Mike outside of the window, holding the flashlight in one hand and the cat in the other, with a horrified look on his face.
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