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Okay, thank you everyone for your comments, here’s another one, which is a little longer.

All Sarah could think about was going to college. Being a high school senior; that was pretty much her only goal at that moment, and she had her heart set on Montana State University. They had a great medical program, and she wanted to be a nurse, just like her mom. With graduation only a few weeks away Sarah and her mom Debra decided that they would take a tour of the campus to see if that was where she really wanted to go.
So that Friday, her and her mom got in their Jeep Cherokee and started their 4 hour journey to the school. Sarah absolutely loved it. The campus was gorgeous and the facilities were perfect. They both wanted to stay until Sunday, but a severe weather warning sent them back Saturday night. It hadn’t been minutes after they left when almost out of nowhere they were hit with a blizzard. Debra couldn’t see more than a foot in front of the headlights, but an hour later the snow had dissipated, and had left the ground covered and slick. Sarah had her head propped up on the window, when something strange caught her eye. “Mom, stop! Go back I think there was a car.” Debra put the car in reverse, and there it was; out of the window, all you could see were two red taillights shining through a snow drift, it was a minivan. It appeared as if the van had slid off the road and hit a tree. As soon as they stopped a man covered I blood and limping came out from the far side of the van. “Help us, please…My wife and son are in there, and I don’t think she’s breathing.” Jumping into action, Debra threw her car keys at Sarah; “Hurry, take him to that gas station we passed, call an ambulance, and get back as soon as they arrive.” As the man and Sarah drove away Debra feared the worst. She slung open the passenger side door, and surveyed the damage. The whole front of the car was crushed in; the windshield was shattered in millions of pieces, but still intact. Oddly enough, there were no cuts on her face. Detecting no pulse, Debra noticed the woman was clutching her stomach, as she pulled away one of her hands she saw blood, but before she could pull up the other one, she heard whimpering from the back of the van. In the very back, lying in the floor boards was a small boy. He couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7 years old. He didn’t appear to be injured, but he was extremely frightened. “Where is he? Where is HE?” screamed the boy. Debra picked him up, and carried him away from the wreckage. “Don’t worry sweetie, your daddy went to go get help”, shielding the boy from the sight of his mother. “NO!!! “The boy started to scream and jerk, “No! He’s not my dad!! Where’s the hitch-hiker who stabbed my mommy?”

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