jesus_h_christ4 (jesus_h_christ4) wrote in trailsoftales,

The End starts Now

At the sound of shouting voices and screaming children, I knew something was wrong… Something had to of been wrong… What didn’t I do right? What was my flaw...It can’t have a flaw. My plan was flawless... Perfect…

Slowly my own arrogance started to corrupt my mind. My perfect plan, collapsing beneath me, the curiosity devoured my every thought. Questions of how and why became the basics of my existence. I could not live without doubting those around me, but never have I doubted myself. Myself, how could someone as perfect as I not be right? Who should dare to doubt me?

The people scattered around me, but I was still lost upon my lack of apathy. Even a phenomenon couldn’t stop a plan in which I created, especially not one as perfect as this! As the chaos ensued, my attention was still caught upon myself. At that point, I heard them. The piercing screams and the sporadic flashing of the incoming machines neared me. Escape was impossible, but yet it never even entered my mind. My imperfections lit a fire upon my every action. My desire for excellence was nothing more then a dream… How could this be?

With my hopes abandoned, I tolerated the arrest. Shamefully climbing into the hard plastic seats, the degrading reality pushed closer to its bitter end. With every breath my lungs devoured, another infamy came upon me. The passion in which I once held withered away at its prime, leaving me in the dust with nothing more then my humiliation.

The car drove quicker and quicker, speeding upon every turn, sliding on every road. My dread grew just as quick as my shame. The terror of my destination now had a sturdy grasp upon me, throwing me in which ever direction it chose. My fallen pride was no longer a match for the nightmare which rose in my time. Being seconds away from the abyss, my throbbing heart knocked brutally on my chest. How could they take me? Of all people, why must they take me? One as perfect as I should be worshiped, not threatened to sacrifice their lives upon the cement walls of our grueling society. The confusion assaulted my every desire.

Start of a story, give me some opinions.
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