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Welcome to the TrailsOfTales community

This community was made just recently [7/31/03]
so it is just beginning. I hope that once
it gets started, it will be a good community.

Now, this info page is also new too, so give it
time to develope better...

The main idea for this community is for people
to come and either post stories
you've written (doesn't matter if it's
finished or not) or write the beginning of a
story for other people to finish off. You can
also ask for advice on writting and such,
it's basically open to any writing-related questions or
topics, stories, etc.

The Rules (so far)

+ Make sure to put in the subject of your
entry whether your story is opened or closed.
(Closed meaning no one can add on, open meaning
anyone can add on)

+ Add onto a story by commenting on the

+ When adding onto a story put the last
sentence or few words in the subject of
the comment

+ This isn't a strict rule, but it would
be nice to put your age, name,
location, interests, where you found the
community, etc. etc. when you first enter the

+ This isn't a community where if you
post about a different topic than something
writing-related you get kicked
off, so update about what you want, just try
to not do it too often

+ No rude comments and remarks. If you
have suggestions it's ok, just don't make
them rude because we don't want anyone's
feelings hurt

I guess thats all for now... I'll change this