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Hello, im new as of like 2 min. ago.

Im 15 years old, Live in Walled Lake Michigan, Been writting for about half a year(not including shitty schoolwork/horrible styled poetry). Im a regular online "rper", i write short storys and poetry alot.

im gonna finish my first post with my favorite poetry that i wrote. Its in Iambic Pentameter, and feal free to give comments/opinions.

My Death, My Life, The Sorrow consuming me.
I Surrender my soul, But i shall Keep my Mind.
Distress, Agony, the bitter Animosity.
The Demise of thee, shall create a horrid gash.
The Bloody Wounds, shall not Disapper Tonight,
But yet they will remain throughout this War.
A Battle not of Win or Lose, but of Death.
My Body, My Soul, The hatred within me.
I Fear Not the End. Oh! Let it be Soon.
My Sincerity is True, Take my Life.
I Plee to You, for you shall now Free Me.
Freedom from this Hatred, Release from this World.
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