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This is the End, Possibly.

At the sound of shouting voices and screaming children, I knew something was wrong... Something had to have been wrong... What didn't I do right? My plan was flawless... Perfect...

Slowly my own arrogance started to crrupt my mind. My perfect plan, collapsing beneath me, the curiosity devoured my every thought. Questions of how and why became the basics of my existence. I could not live without doubting those around me, but never have I doubted myself. Myself, how could someone as perfect as I not be right? Who would dare to doubt me?

The people scattered around me, but I was still lost within my apathy. Even a phenomenon couldn't stop a plan in which I created, especially not one as perfect as this! As the chaos ensued, my attention was still caught upon myself. At that point, I heard them. The piercing screams and the sporadic flashing of the incoming machines neared me. Escape was impossible, but yet it never even entered my mind. My imperfections lit a fire upon my every action. My desire for excellence was nothing more then a dream... How could this be?

With my hopes abandoned, I tolerated the arrest. The cold metal of the stainless chains clamped my wrists tightly, squeezing any life out of my shallow bowl of sanity. With a strong firm grip, the hand caressed my figure, seeking for any hopes I may have hidden in my humiliation. Shamefully climbing into the hard plastic seats, the degrading reality pushed me closer to its bitter end. With every breath my lungs devoured, another infamy came upon me. The passion in which I once held withered away at its prime, leaving me in the dust with nothing more then my humiliation.

The car drove quicker and quicker, speeding upon every turn, sliding on every road. My dread grew just as quick as my shame. The terror of my destination now had a sturdy grasp upon me, throwing me in whichever direction it chose. My fallen pride was no longer a match for the nightmare, which rose in my time. Being seconds away from the abyss, my throbbing heart knocked brutally on my chest. How could they take me? Of all people, why must they take me? One as perfect as I should be worshiped, not threatened to sacrifice his life upon the cement walls of our grueling society. The confusion assaulted my every desire.

the air had its tedious grasp upon my breath, cooling my lungs with every heartbeat. The cold smoothing carved rocks filled my sight, indulging my senses in my own mortification. A single faded sun hung from the ceiling, gazing dully through the darkness. But worse then any pain this prison could bring, was the pain of my failure. Not once have I failed, I'm too great to fail... My own thoughts became my enemy, but yet I could not stop them from attacking. A battle I wasn't ready to receive, a battle that I could never withhold. Visions of the past would succumb to my magnitude no longer. The sounds of screaming children filled my ears, the chaotic women were set free to reign in my mind. The warm sun burnt upon my memory. With nothing left but images of the torture, I was corrupted with the sight of a fallen corpse. A dead body in the middle of the street, the crimson blood, soaking the clothes. I was too close.. Yes, I was too close; another 20 yards would of kept me free, how could I be so ignorant? Such a short distance can cause such a horrible ending, Oh how could I be so dumb?

The haunting memories of my once perfected life shot bullets through my pride. I lived a life of infamy, of power, of money. A life of strength with none could surpasss. to wake in he morning with nothing more then a torn cloth and a tainted stone slab was more pain then I could ever conceive. How could one go from a classy exquisite home as mine, to this hellhole? This jail cell was the lowest pint in which my existence could ever take a grasp upon, but yet I could no longer reach as high as I once could. I was far too amazing to accept this. Not once has my life treated my wrong, I have never lacked success in any aspect, I'm simply too perfect. Yes, that's it. I'm simply too perfect for them to accept me. They are too jealous of my faultlessness to allow it. They saw me and could no longer obtain my power. Yes, this must be right. It's the only way someone of my stature could be taken down...The only way.

I sat in my chamber, wallowing in the silence, waiting for the evening to come. The bitter air was a relief to the fire burning in my mind. The dusty shelves, filled with meaningless items to please the selfish whore. The aromas of sweat and dirt were no longer too horrid, but still burnt in my nose. To meet the sheep who consumed this sstructure was my largest desire. I would spread my control, my strength to regain what I once possessed. My plot would begin, my escape, I could no longer stand the seclusion. It burnt in my stomach, a fiery passion, and the desire in my heart. I will be loved. I will be powerful.

Once again, sitting alone, stuck in the heart of the havoc of the reformatory life. In this coliseum of people my voice was minuet, but I would no longer accept it. I needed the attention. I desired their acceptance. I was far too perfect to not be received in such a dreary place. Acting completely upon impulse, my voice quickly grew. A deafening scream spewed from my open mouth, just to see the worthless failures turn to my presence. Immense panic shined through my eyes as their attention was completely mine. I could do nothing more then finish my statement, to win them over with my excellence. "You all will help, help me escape." The laughter shot through my spine leaving me with nothing more then my hollow existence. I stood with my head in the air, but my pride fell further then the ground.

My fear was now my friend, always to be there by my side. It would tell me to run, to hide, and to never speak. My fear was a backdrop, a veil over my life. The morning of the next day, I no longer schemed my power. I no longer deigned my infamy.

It was then that I lost all hope. All dreams, all desires quickly faded away. My life was worthless. I was nothing more then living corpse, a living corpse to walk the world in its insignificant presence. The angst grew, swiftly sweeping me off my feet. I no longer had control over my life, thus it needed to end. My existence was in vain. Upon the floor a shaving razor sat in its notoriety. Yes, an escape just waiting for me to come.

As the blood flowed down my wrists, it stung a burning hole upon the skin. The pain was excruciating but yet I still brought forth its existence. Praising the razor in my right, my left was slowly vanishing away. With every drop of the crimson fluid, my life withered away, Wasting away all my pain, all my sorrow, and all my angst. My vision blurred, leaving me with a hallucination of reality. A place where I could dream, where everything I could do would be true. A place where I would no longer need to breath hard, where I would never have to work for my dues. Yes, a dream, but yet not a reality. My life slipped off into its oblivion, leaving my body here to stay.

I awoke to a familiar sound. The sounds of screams and chaos rang in my ears, bbut I could no longer run. I was chained to the ground, too lost in my lies to see the reality. Biting my lip, the memories of the night casually walked into my mind. Stains of red spread on the sheets, adding yet another blemish to the collection. My vision was blurred, but I could still make out a figure in the distance. He was gazing upon me, just as I was towards him. He laid upon his weakness, clothed in ragged cloths. His unkempt hair was slickly greased with the dirt of his own blunders. His skin, darkend by the dirty, was full of cuts. His eyes stared into my own, just for me to realize the emptiness he held within. Another worthless being, just hoping to be as great as I. At the sight of this man, my vision started to fade away again. My mind fell away, once more into another lifeless slumber.

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